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Department of Accounting and Reporting

Update date:  6 Dec 2021, 20:21
  • Manager: Zokirkhojaev Azizkhon Akhrarkhanovich

Contact details

Phone: 71-212-61-09

Tasks and Functions

  • Develops accounting policies, prepares and submits financial reports to the Central Bank;
  • Develops regulatory documents on accounting and reporting in the Central Bank and credit institutions.
  • Provides maintenance of a list of bank accounts and assignment of codes to clients in the National Information Base of Bank Depositories of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • Develops regulatory documents for the coordination of settlements and reporting with government agencies.

  • Ensures the preparation of financial statements of the Central Bank and the correctness of the reflection of funds in the accounts;
  • Supervises the timely submission of daily electronic balance sheets by commercial banks;
  • Coordinates the execution by banks of normative documents and instructions on settlements and reporting with state bodies;
  •  Draws up the consolidated nomenclature of the Central Bank, examines the state of archiving in the Central Bank Main Departments.

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