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Main office of the Central Bank
Contact number (+998 71) 212-62-05

Gold bars

Update date:  2 Nov 2020, 11:49

The Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan commences the sale of gold bars through commercial banks to expand the investment and savings opportunities of the population as well as to promote the circulation of precious metals in the country.

Bars weighing 5, 10, 20, and 50 grams are made of gold of 999.9 fineness and offered in special packaging. The packaging of gold bars serves as a certificate and has
a unique serial number.

Sale and buyback prices of gold bars are set in national currency on the basis of the globally accepted market price per gram of gold and a margin or discount of the Central Bank, and published daily on the Central Bank’s website.

For reference: The margin and discount are established to cover operational expenses related to the release and circulation of the gold bars.

The gold bars with undamaged packages are bought back with immediate payment to the owner at branches of commercial banks.

The buyback of gold bars with damaged or unqualified packaging is carried through a test of authenticity, after which the repayment is made.

The gold bars with undamaged packages are allowed to take out of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

USD = 12627.02
EUR = 13494.50
RUB = 142.18
GBP = 16043.89
JPY = 80.38
CHF = 14122.60
CNY = 1740.24
All currencies
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