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A guide to storing commemorative coins

Update date:  22 Feb 2020, 00:12

Make sure your coin is properly protected from damage.

Avoid storing coins with such substances as household chemical goods, cosmetics, medicines that have active chemicals. It is not recommended to store them near such compounds as chlorine, iodine and mercury.

Commemorative coins should be kept in capsules. Avoid plastic holders (albums) that contain polyvinyl chloride, since it can eventually coat a coin with green slime, which eats into the coin’s surface.

It is not recommended also to keep coins together with banknotes, as the ink and paper contain sulfur compounds that can tarnish the coin’s surface.

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EUR = 13481.49
RUB = 135.77
GBP = 15772.95
JPY = 82.63
CHF = 13855.83
CNY = 1750.21
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