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Payment documents

Update date:  7 Mar 2022, 16:08
On the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the implementation of cashless payments, the following types of payments:

  • Payment order;
  • payment request;
  • collection order;
  • memorial Order;
  • an application for a letter of credit;
  • receipt and expenditure cash payment documents.;

Banks can use the memorial warrant for non-cash transfers on written orders of citizens, not related to their business activities. Operating expenses of banks in non-cash form are carried out through the memorial warrant.

In case of errors after the conclusion of the trading day, the balance sheet and sent to the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan such erroneous entries must be corrected writeback on those accounts on which they were made (by reverse reversal), corrections should be made on the basis of corrective memorial warrants. Write-off of in such cases is made without the consent of the customer, what you must specify in the contract for banking services.

Payment order - the client's order the bank serving it on the transfer (transfer) a specific amount from his account to the account of the recipient.

Payment request - monetary settlement document containing the request of the recipient of funds payer to pay a certain amount through the bank.

Collection order - order the recipient of funds to the bank to write off funds from the payer's account on an uncontested basis.

When letters of credit bank that opens the letter of credit (issuing bank), on behalf of the client (payer) and in accordance with his instructions assumes the obligation to make payment in favor of its counterpart - the recipient of funds or give authority to another bank to make such payments on the condition presentation beneficiary of documents and fulfill other conditions stipulated in the letter of credit.


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Payment documents applied within interbank transactions through Interbank payment system of Central bank from 2003 to 2021

USD = 12586.03
EUR = 13716.26
RUB = 143.99
GBP = 16321.56
JPY = 79.45
CHF = 14050.04
CNY = 1732.09
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