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Main office of the Central Bank
Contact number (+998 71) 212-62-05

Department of Information Technology

Update date:  28 Aug 2023, 17:19
  • Manager: Usmanov Jamshid Kamolovich

Contact details

Phone: 71-212-61-30

Tasks and Functions

Tasks and Functions
Department tasks:
improvement of the interbank payment system, intrabank settlements, as well as the technology of international settlements in accordance with world requirements;

modernization of the payment system in order to improve the reliability of settlements in real time;

organization of work on the development of payment systems based on plastic cards;

coordination of work on the provision of remote banking services;

monitoring the correctness and timeliness of interbank settlements;

improvement and coordination of work on the provision of remote banking services, bank-client systems, Internet banking, mobile banking, the development of retail payments based on modern ICT;

development, improvement, implementation in the Central Bank and the banking system of the republic of information systems, telecommunication and local area networks based on modern technologies;

consideration and preparation of opinions on projects for the creation of information systems of the Central Bank, as well as their integration with information systems of other government bodies;

organization of the functioning of the website of the Central Bank.

Department functions:
study and analysis of innovations in the field of banking payment system technologies, ensuring compliance of the republic's payment system with world standards;

creation and organization of the functioning of a system that ensures the correctness and timeliness of interbank settlements, the state of correspondent accounts of commercial banks and the efficiency of interbank turnover management;

control and maintenance of the functioning of the database of the national payment system;

ensuring the development, implementation and high-quality technical maintenance of projects, for the development of an integrated information and analytical system, information systems, databases, a banking telecommunications network and a local computer network of the Central Bank;

organization in the structural divisions of the Central Bank of accounting, repair, renewal, write-off of computer and office equipment.

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