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Main office of the Central Bank
Contact number (+998 71) 212-62-05

Service for storage and work with precious metals

Update date:  6 Dec 2021, 20:20
  • Manager: Bakhtiyor Sabirov Bakhadirovich

Contact details

Phone: 71-236-72-26

Tasks and Functions

Tasks and Functions
The main tasks of the department:

  • Organization of work on the calculation and purchase of precious metals by the Central Bank from manufacturing enterprises, as well as storage, accounting, write-off and revaluation of precious metals belonging to the Central Bank;
  • Sale of precious metals to domestic producers, as well as sale and buyback of measured ingots and commemorative coins of the Central Bank made of precious metals.
The main functions of the department:

  • Organization of work on the acquisition, storage, accounting, write-off, revaluation and shipment of precious metals purchased by the Central Bank;
  • Ensuring the reception, sorting, storage, issuance and accounting of jewelry belonging to other ministries and departments.

USD = 12679.99
EUR = 13779.35
RUB = 143.34
GBP = 16173.33
JPY = 80.82
CHF = 13880.67
CNY = 1750.41
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