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3 sum (was in circulation until March 1, 2020)



Banknotes of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan of 3 sum denomination of  1994 series are made on white paper of 120 x 62 mm size with watermark in the form of dark thread with octahedral pattern on all banknotes. On the left part of the note approximately on 1/3 part from its edge over all width of the note the security thread takes place. Dominant colours of the obverse are red-brown and green-ochre. The reverse is of red-brown and ochre. On the obverse, in the central part of the note above there is the text “ЎЗБЕКИСТОН РЕСПУБЛИКАСИ МАРКАЗИЙ БАНКИ” with red-brown shade, under this text there is an ornamental pattern with tangle of green-red-brown lines.

On the left part of the note over the guilloche pattern consisting of interlaced wavy lines of red and ochre colours the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Uzbekistan was printed in the dark red-brown colour. Below the Coat of Arms on the left corner of the note, there are seven numerals with 2 letter series of Latin alphabet made in black colour. On the right corner of the note over the guilloche pattern a dark red-brown octahedron takes place made in national style with decorative pictured number “3” in the centre. Below the octahedron, there is number “1994” in red brown colour indicated the year of the note issue. 

Below of the note in the triple-edged form dark red-brown number “3” takes place. Between these figures in the frame of trapezium form there is a text “ЎЗБЕКИСТОН СЎМИ РЕСПУБЛИКА ҲУДУДИДА ҲАММА ТЎЛОВЛАР УЧУН ЎЗ ҚИЙМАТИ БЎЙИЧА ҚАБУЛ ҚИЛИНИШИ ШАРТ” in 3 lines. Along the sides of trapezium frame there is red-brown continuous micro-text “ЎЗБЕКИСТОНРЕСПУБЛИКА- СИМАРКАЗИЙБАНКИ”. Below un-der the frame 2 mm stripe is through the length of the note. On the reverse of the banknote in the middle of the right and left parts of the frame there are 2 white hexahedrons with green ornament inside with effect of combination with the obverse hexahedron.

In the centre of the note in the ochre space the historical monument of architecture “Chashmayi Ayub” in Bukhara is pictured. On the left part of the note in the orange ornamental frame with guilloche threads the decorative number “3” of green colour with dark red-brown shade is placed. In the lower corner of the right part of the note the decorative number “3” of orange colour with green shade is placed. On the lower part of the frame divided by inclined stripes into three parts there is the text “УЧ СЎМ” placed on the red-brown ground. In the middle inclined rectangular frame on the ochre ground the inscription “ЎЗБЕКИСТОН СЎМИНИ ҚАЛБАКИЛАШТИРИШ ҚОНУНАН ТАЪҚИБ ҚИЛИНАДИ” takes place.

In the central part on the obverse and reverse  there is an anti-copy print in form “X”. Under UV light on the obverse of the note in the centre the number “3”, guilloche rosette of ochre colour, note series and number in dark green colour, and in the centre of the reverse the details made by ochre paint, green and blue fibers are visible.

USD = 12667.00
EUR = 13481.49
RUB = 135.77
GBP = 15772.95
JPY = 82.63
CHF = 13855.83
CNY = 1750.21
All currencies
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