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50 sum (was in circulation until Jule 1, 2019)



Banknotes of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan of 50 sum denomination of 1994 series are made on white paper of 142 x 69 mmsize. On wide white space on the right side of the note there is a local watermark with picture of the Coat of Arms of the Republic ofUzbekistan. On the left side of the note over all its width a security thread consisting of repeated white coloured text “ЎЗБЕКИСТОН” with interchanging direct and inclined letters is pressed.

Dominant colours of the note on the obverse are dark brown, red orange, yellow and silver and on the reverse are light brown, brown, light blue, light violet and light green. On the obverse of the note in the central upper part of the note white coloured text “ЎЗБЕКИСТОН РЕСПУБЛИКАСИ МАРКАЗИЙ БАНКИ” with the dark brown shade is located. In the centre of the note there is an ornament in the form of Bukhara gold-sewing weaving of silver colour in the centre of the brown ground on the gold ground.

On the upper part of the ornament a dark brown coloured Coat of Arms of the Republic of Uzbekistan is located,  around it there is a picture of obliquely located brown lines on the round, below the Coat of Arms the decorative numeral “50” is located, below it in the frame on the ground of light brown points and lines a text of light tone colour “ЭЛЛИК СЎМ” with dark brown shade takes place in two lines. On the lower part the text made up on the yellow background in dark brown colour “ЎЗБЕКИСТОН СЎМИ РЕСПУБЛИКА ҲУДУДИДА ҲАМ-МА ТЎЛОВЛАР УЧУН ЎЗ ҚИЙМА-ТИ БЎЙИЧА ҚАБУЛ ҚИЛИНИШИ ШАРТ” is located.

The text is swelled by fine frame,  the upper part of which consists of the line made up of micro-text in the form of dark-brown coloured repeated text “ЎЗБЕКИСТОНРЕСПУБЛИКАСИ- МАРКАЗИЙБАНКИ”, visible under a magnifier. On the wide white area of the note above the rosette there is the numeral “1994” indicating the year of note issue.

There are numerals “50” made up with hidden printing in the central part of the note on the right and left corners which are visible under refraction of sunbeams or shafts of light. On the left frame of the note on its upper part and on the right frame on its lower part under the rosette the seven numerals number with two letter series of the Latin alphabet made up in black colour are located. On the reverse of the note in the specific frame in the form of intricate lines the historical architectural ensemble “Registon” inSamarkand takes place.

The upper part of the frame has an intricate picture of different configurations, in the centre of which the text “ЭЛЛИК СЎМ” made up in white colour with the dark brown shade is.

In the central part in the hem-stitch frame there is a white thread in the form of a frame, in which a text “ЎЗБЕКИСТОН СЎМИНИ ҚАЛБАКИЛАШТИРИШ ҚОНУНГА МУВОФИҚ ТАЪҚИБ ҚИЛИНАДИ” of brown colour is printed. There is an anti-copy print in the form of “X” in the centre of the note on the sky background.

Under UV light in the centre of the obverse - the numerals “50”, on the left side of the note - a coloured yellow ground, below - the ornaments of white-blue colour, in the right above and  below - the ornaments of  yellow colour, the note series and number of dark green colour, and on the reverse – architectural monument details made up in yellow green colours,  blue and green threads are visible.

USD = 12697.00
EUR = 13547.70
RUB = 135.05
GBP = 15836.97
JPY = 82.23
CHF = 13966.56
CNY = 1753.95
All currencies
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