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1 000 sum



Banknote of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan in 1000 sum denomination of 2001 series was made on paper of 144х78 mm size. In the wide white field on the right side there is a local watermark with picture of the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Uzbekistan and under it the number “1000” is.

On the left part of the note there is a narrow white field in the form of the belt of 4 mm. Almost through the centre of the note over all its width a security metallized polyester thread of 1,2 mm width is located with continuous white colour text “ЎЗБЕКИСТОН” with interchange of direct and inversion location of the letters.

Dominant colours of the obverse are blue, light cherry, brown, violet and dominant colours of the reverse are emerald, violet, green and blue. On the obverse of the note on the upper part on the light blue belt there is a text “ЎЗБЕКИСТОН РЕСПУБЛИКАСИ МАРКАЗИЙ БАНКИ” in a light tone with dark green shadow. On the left part of the note against a background of several multicoloured guilloche rosettes the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Uzbekistan is placed. To the right of the rosettes there are ornamental elements in the octahedral form. On the left, a little above the Coat of Arms there is the ornament in the form of quadrangles which coincides with the picture on reverse of the note. Under the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Uzbekistan there is seven numeral number with two letter series in Latin. The same number is duplicated on the lower right part of the white field of the note drawn in black colour with addition of special magnetic colour.

On the right lower part of the picture, inside of ornamental frame the denomination of the note “1000” is depicted by the numbers in cherry blossom colour, over which it is written “СЎМ” and “БИР МИНГ” by big letters in dark brown colour. On the left and right lower corners of the note the number “1000” is depicted in dark brown. Under the dark brown ornamental frame in quadrangle the text “ЎЗБЕКИСТОН СЎМИ РЕСПУБЛИКА ҲУДУДИДА ҲАММА ТЎЛОВЛАР УЧУН ЎЗ ҚИЙМАТИ БЎЙИЧА ҚАБУЛ ҚИЛИНИШИ ШАРТ” is written in one line.

The ornamental frame of the banknote, the inscription “ЎЗБЕКИСТОН РЕСПУБЛИКАСИ МАРКАЗИЙ БАНКИ”, the Coat of Arms, numbers “1000” located on the left and right sides as well as ornament, placed on the upper part of the wide white field of the banknote were made using metallographic printing that gives sensation of thickness of ink while touching with the banknote by tips of the fingers.

On the right upper part of ornamental frame there are letters “UZB” made by concealed printing and visible during refraction of rays of the sun or light.

The micro-text “ЎЗБЕКИСТОН-РЕСПУБЛИКАСИМАРКАЗИЙБАН-КИ” is located on the upper part of the banknote as prolongation of ornamental frame. On the upper part of a white field there is the number “2001” indicating the year of issue. Below the number there is an octahedral ornament changing the tone of its colour from green to dark red depending on the corner of observation.

Under the light of ultra-violet rays disorderly extruded in paper green and blue lines and the right part of the frame play. On the left of the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Uzbekistan the nume-rals “1000”, located in three rows, one under another and at different height shine against guilloche background.

In the centre of the reverse of the banknote against blue background the building of the museum of Amir Timur was drawn in brown colour. An anticopy print “Х” is represented on the left upper corner of the note. On the right side of the building it is depicted a multicoloured patterned ornament made in national style.

On the lower part of the bank-note in quadrangle a text in white colour “ЎЗБЕКИСТОН СЎМИНИ ҚАЛБАКИЛАШТИРИШ ҚОНУНГА МУВОФИҚ ТАЪҚИБ ҚИЛИНАДИ” takes place.

Against a background of multicoloured ornamental elements on the right lower corner there is the numeral “1000”. Against blue background, on the left upper corner there are the same numeral “1000” and inscriptions “БИР МИНГ СЎМ”. Over the lower ornamental frames on the left lower corner of the banknote the medium-sized numeral “1000” is drawn in brown colour. 

USD = 12705.00
EUR = 13543.53
RUB = 136.11
GBP = 15704.65
JPY = 82.06
CHF = 13932.45
CNY = 1753.14
All currencies
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