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Update date:  22 Nov 2021, 17:05

This gold coin was minted in 2021 to celebrate 30th anniversary of Independence Day.

In the center of the observe of the coin there is an inscription “Oʻzbekiston”, on the back of the inscription there are buildings built in modern and national styles during the independence period and the sun reflecting our sunny country. At the bottom of the coin, the pomegranate composition is illustrated as a symbol of family, blessing and solidarity. The outer circle of the commemorative coin depicts in large letters “OʻZBEKISTON MUSTAQILLIGI KUNI” and “INDEPENDENCE DAY OF UZBEKISTAN, separated by the numbers 1991-2021, which symbolize the thirtieth anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The upper part of the small circle on the back of the coin is decorated with national patterns of the Uzbek tradition. At the bottom of the small circle there is an inscription “50 000 soʻm”, which represents the face value of the coin. Between the outer and inner circles of the coin, the words “OʻZBEKISTON MARKAZIY BANKI” are written at the top and “CENTRAL BANK OF UZBEKISTAN” at the bottom. The inscriptions are separated by an octagonal star that symbolizes freedom.

The edge of the coin is corrugated.

  • Type of metal: Золотые монеты
  • Weight: 15 gr
  • Value: 50 000 sum
  • Purity: 999,9
  • Quality: -
USD = 12697.00
EUR = 13547.70
RUB = 135.05
GBP = 15836.97
JPY = 82.23
CHF = 13966.56
CNY = 1753.95
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