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3 tiyin (was in circulation until March 1, 2020)

Update date:  23 Jun 2020, 15:12

Coin  of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan
 in denomination of 3 tiyin of specimen of 1994

The coin was made of steel. Coin was plated with brass (of yellow colour).

On the obverse of the coin (averse) in the center there is depicted the denomination of the coin by the numeral, at the bottom it is written "tiyin" in block letters of the same size. This inscription is underlined, in the center of which there is an octahedron, below the numeral “1994” are located, indicating the year of the issue of the coin.

Around these pictures from both sides of the coin, along its edges, starting from the year of issue to the middle of the numeral representing the denomination, there is painted an ornaments, which begins with a leaf of cotton and then one after another five cotton bolls are.

On the reverse of the coin (reverse) the Coat of the Arms of the Republic of Uzbekistan is depicted, around which, on top there are 12 stars along the outer edge of the coin and at the bottom of the circle the text "ЎЗБЕКИСТОН РЕСПУБЛИКАСИ" is written in block letters of the same size.

Side of a metal coin (drove) in denomination of 3 tiyin is grooved in the form of vertical stripes.

The diameter of the coin 3 tiyin is 20 mm.

USD = 10473.20
EUR = 12796.16
RUB = 141.29
GBP = 14204.80
JPY = 100.77
CHF = 11828.78
CNY = 1617.48
All currencies
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