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International PLUS-Forum “FinTech, Banks and Retail. Digital Transformation and Synergy” comes soon in June!

Update date:  19 Apr 2023, 15:21
13 Apr 2023

On June 21-22, 2023, one of the key cross-sectoral events of the Central Asian region will be held in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan,

Among the strategic goals of the Forum is a discussion of the most relevant areas for the further development of public services, fintech, banking, and the payments industry.

As part of the two-day conference programme and a representative exhibition of promising solutions and services, Forum participants will be able to get acquainted with the innovative products and solutions developed by the most advanced companies from all over the world including the CIS countries, as well as with the experience of their use by financial institutions and retail chains.

Key topics of the PLUS-Forum:

  • Vector of the payment systems development. Shift in trends 2.0

  • Government regulation and top trends in the payments industry. The most significant regulations of the CBRU in 2022-2023. We explain the essence. We analyze the impact on the market. We take the issues of the table

  • eGOV. From e-government to digital society

  • Digitalization of banking and retail amid transformation

  • Islamic finance. Analysis of the causes, prospects and its effectiveness

  • Bank cards. Tokenization and virtualization

  • Instant (Faster) Payments Systems

  • CBDC projects. Pilots. Results. Conclusions

  • Cryptocurrency markets. Continued interest in crypto. What's next? From attempted strict regulation to the market harmonization endeavours

  • Money transfer systems. How they are transformed in the new geopolitical conditions

  • Biometrics and identification. Role. Place. Prospects

  • Effectiveness of Big Data. Further broadening of their application areas

  • Digital services and services. Digital mortgage. All areas of digital lending, including consumer loans

  • ATM and POS-terminal networks. New functionality: cardless service at an ATM; Online fiscalization at POS

  • Retail bank’s IT landscape and transformation. A look from inside. The role of Agile in the digitalization

  • Project Management (PM). Current project management problems and their leveling

  • Financial literacy. From counteracting social engineering to creating conditions for more effective economic development and improving the welfare of citizens

  • Cyber resilience of the banking and payments industry. Concentration of cybersecurity resources

  • Acquiring business strategies

  • E-commerce. Its role in the development of country markets

  • Transformation of retail. Challenges and sustainable market development

  • “New Marketing”. Re-assessment of strategies and tools

  • Customer loyalty in the era of digitalization

  • Digital transformation. A look from inside. The role of Agile in digitalization

  • Cash collectors. Collection business in the light of recent changes in legislation

  • Small and medium businesses. SMB as a catalyst for the development of modern economies

  • Mobile payment services. Google Pay, Apple Pay, WeChat, Alipay. Present state. Prospects

  • BNPL. A successful competitor to consumer finance and credit cards? Concerns of regulators in a number of countries about the implementation of BNPL projects

  • Further development of brokerage services by banks. Mobile applications for investment and trading


Official Web page of Forum: https://uz.plus-forum.com/en/

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